Answers to your questions

When I become a Tom’s Trash Pak customer what can I expect?

Great service! — we will collect your pak every 4 weeks and leave a fresh pak. Your invoice will tell you the date of your next collection. The invoice [...]

Why would I choose Tom’s Trash Paks for my garden waste needs?

Tom’s Trash Paks have been servicing the Canberra community for 35 years and are a trusted reputable business. Our drivers have all been security checked for your protection and [...]

What can’t I put in the trash pak?

Heavy items such as rock, dirt, brick, concrete, machinery, etc. are too heavy and contravene OHS regulations. Avoid watering the pak as it can become very heavy. Give weeds [...]

What can I use my Tom’s Trash Pak for?

Most customers find their Tom’s Trash Paks invaluable for grass clippings, leaves, tree and hedge prunings, weeds, spent plants and other garden waste. It is also useful for any [...]

What is a Tom’s Trash Pak?

A woven synthetic bag suspended in a metal frame. It measures approximately 120cm tall and 75cm square. It holds approximately 0.65 cubic metres and fits neatly near the garden [...]

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